Iwakuni Sato-no-EkiIwakuni Sato-no-Eki

祈りA Road of Religious Places

As there are many festivals and events for gods in each region, Iwakuni is home to many beneficial 'gods' that have been handed down locally. And according to the locals, there are many power spots in the mountains and rivers where you can feel the energy from abundant nature.And by praying around these spots, the mind get a feeling of peace and mind healings.


Sasuri-Botoke(Meichianji temple)

It is said that the illness improves when you rub a same part of the body of the Buddha statue as is rubbing yourself having illness or an injury.

※ Pre-call to visit the Nishiki palace hotel.(Sato no Eki No.3)

Location: Fukagawa, Nishikicho, Iwakuni
Access: 25 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Muikaichi IC

North area

Central area Iwaya-Kannon


In a small limestone cave there is a very rare stone Buddha. For many years, a drop of stalactite fell on the Kannon, which is said to have been carved into an old tree by Kobo Daishi - the founder of Shingonshu sect, and turned into a stone Buddha. It is also said that there is a benefit of being blessed of child, and it's also designated as a national natural monument.

Location: Nekasaiwaya, Mikawamachi, Iwakuni
Access: 50 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Iwakuni IC or Chugoku Expressway Muikaichi IC.
Taking the city bus from Nishikigawa Seiryu Line Negasa Station, getting off at Iwaya, and a 5 minute walk.

walk Iwakuni

Gods of Aka area

In the Aka area, mothers used to visit these four places with their babies.

  • Monju-sama

    Monju-sama(Unshoji temple at Yunosako)

    A god of learning called "The Wisdom of Bodhisattva"

    Location: Unshoji temple - 709, Aka, Miwamachi, Iwakuni

  • Kasa-Jizo


    Worshipers do not develop tumors - as it is said here.

    Location: gou, Miwamachi, Iwakuni

  • Mizu Yakushi

    Mizu Yakushi

    It works for eye diseases. There is a spring nearby.

    Location: Aka, Miwamachi, Iwakuni

  • Hayata Shrine

    Hayata Shrine

    There is the benefit of protecting you from burns.

    Location: 432 Aka, Miwamachi, Iwakuni

Koyasu-Maria Kannon South area

Koyasu-Maria Kannon(Seigenji temple)

This is a statue of "Maria Kannon" who survived without being burned down in the severe Christian pressure, and has gathered faith as a goddess of safe birth and child-rearing.(in this fact of Japan).

Location: 3123, Gousei, Yuumachi, Iwakuni
Access: 8 minutes by car from JR Yuu Station